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Industry Guidance Material

Several industry associations provide advice for members on how to manage the process of having products tested and certified. Information for builders and contractors who purchase building and construction products is also provided to assist in ensuring that people who buy products understand what to ask for and what to look for when they receive product information.

The following information has been prepared by CPA members.

Procurement of Construction Products - A guide to achieving compliance

The Australasian Procurement & Construction Council (APCC), in partnership with a range of industry associations from the building and construction sector, has published an industry guide on product compliance – Procurement of Construction Products - A guide to achieving compliance.

The Guide is intended to assist manufacturers, suppliers, builders, contractors and anyone specifying, purchasing or checking building products in all types of construction projects, to work through a process that increases the likelihood that the products used with be fit for purpose.

Product quality is a complex issue and each product needs to be considered based on the structural risk of that product and its intended lifetime. With increasing competition in the global market for building materials, home builders and contractors need to ask questions and protect your business from poor quality or non-compliant building products.

The Guide sets out 12 principles for the decision making process when selecting, ordering, receiving and installing building products.

The Guide recommends that purchasers ensure evidence of compliance is readily available for each product selected and that the correct product is then delivered to site. The evidence required should be available from the supplier of the product in Australia.

Builders can increase their confidence in a product by looking for recognised mandatory labelling from schemes on some electrical and plumbing products. There are also several industry run voluntary accreditation schemes which can give increased consumer confidence. The Guide provides a summary of the government and industry schemes which are currently operating in Australia.

The Alliance commends the APCC Guide to anyone wishing to better understand the way they can manage their risk when buying building products and ensure that the homes you build will last a lifetime.

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