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Industry Certification Scheme

A number of building and construction product industry associations choose to operate certification schemes to assist their members to offer high quality and conforming products to the market.

The APCC Guide includes a concise summary of these schemes, what they offer and how they operate.

Schemes included in the APCC Guide are:




Reinforcing & Structural Steel Australian Steel Institute (ASI)


Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia (SRIA)


Australian Technical Infrastructure Committee (ATIC)


National Structural Steelwork Compliance Scheme (NSSCS)


Australasian Certification Authority for Reinforcing and Structural Steels (ACRS)


ATIC Scheme 10: Requirements for bodies certifying manufacturers of structural steel products



Cementitious Materials for Concrete

Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia


Australian Technical Infrastructure Committee (ATIC) Cementitious Materials Registration Scheme

Wood Products

Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA) Plywood and LVL Product Certification Scheme


EWPAA Particleboard and Fibreboard Product Certification Scheme


EWPAA Plantation Timber Certification Scheme (PTCS)


EWPAA Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) Chain of Custody


EWPAA Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme for Export (AWPCS)

Glazed Products

Australian Window Association (AWA)


The Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS)

Electrical Products

Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme (EESS)


Approved Cables Initiative (ACI)

Plumbing Products



Insulated Panel Council Australasia Ltd